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About us
INTER BYD Logistics Services, C.A.
It is established in Venezuela, in 2011, as an International Freight Transport company, We are cargo consolidators and deconsolidators, with the support and collaboration of our commercial allies around the world, personalized attention and advice in the area of international trade, giving effective responses to all requirements.
More than an international cargo handling company,
we are a company that provides logistics solutions to our clients,
with competitive rates.
Our greatest strength
It is in our human resource, made up of highly trained people in the area of Foreign Trade, with more than 15 years of experience in the area.
Our mission is to be considered the first option for our clients, oriented to satisfy their needs, thus offering them the widest chain of integral services specialized in international logistics with highly qualified personnel, whose sense of belonging and commitment, allows us to offer effective answers in the right time
To be an economically and socially sustainable company over time, which allows us to offer security, stability, and trust to both our external and internal clients, achieving organizational growth and national and international expansion in conjunction with our business partners.
- Professional ethics.
- Commitment, responsibility and delivery.
- Highly trained staff.
- Corporate culture based on integrity and respect.
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